Riddhiman Das
I write code. My general interests lie in Computer Vision & Image Processing, Machine Learning & Distributed Systems and I am very curious about functional programming - especially exploring different languages, algorithms and implementations. Keywords like machine vision, big data, high performance computing, learning systems, scalability and mobile systems pique my interest.
I write code at EyeVerify. EyeVerify is the exclusive provider of EyePrint Verification®, a highly accurate biometric for mobile devices. Eyeprint Verification delivers a password-free mobile experience and secure authentication at a glance. This patented solution uses existing cameras on smartphones to image and pattern match the blood vessels in the whites of the eye.
I also do some consulting through Galleon Labs.
I'm also involved in a lot of other activities in Kansas City. I write about some of it on my blog.
I live in Kansas City, {KS and MO}. Previously I've lived and worked in California and New York.
Please feel free to get in touch - I'm always looking to meet interesting people and helping out when I can. Please note that I am hesitant to sign NDAs in most contexts. Emails are usually the best way to reach me.
I like discussions around Computer Science (specifically ideas and applications of computer vision, machine learning, distributed computing, algorithms, pervasive/ubiquitious computing, wireless health), entrepreneurship (startups, business ideas and challenges) and ideas around helping humanity use technology for good.


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I'm usually on Skype too.